Happy Birthday To You (and me)

It’s my birthday…

I’ll feel old if I want to. Don’t ask my age; I’m having trouble accepting it. I’m super thankful to my friends and family for all the sweet birthday wishes. Love the fashionable gifts I got as well! I also got a free Venti caramel frappuccino from Starbucks. How’s that for a happy birthday?


If you’re wondering what I did…

Not too much. I went for a walk around my neighborhood and took a few photos. For anyone who’s feeling old on their birthday, I have one piece of advice.

Just wake up, and do something that makes you happy. It doesn’t have to be a major thing. Today, I woke up, put on a little makeup, and took a few photos. Photography clears my head, and I get to stop and really appreciate simple, beautiful things. I can only thank God that he’s given me another year of my life.

Just in case you wanted to see some pictures…

These are my favorites! Don’t have a prayer today, but I wish everyone happiness! If it’s your birthday too, well, emphasis on the ‘Happy’ Birthday!


Daily Bread

  • Psalms 144:15




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