Thank You for Being My Rock

Just a little background…

Recently, I started over in my personal devotion. Meaning, I began (again) reading my Bible from Genesis. Right now, I’m in 2 Samuel. I’m really glad that I decided to do this because I’m realizing just how much I’ve missed over the years.

Even though I have always self-identified as a Christian, I’m now really getting into my own personal relationship with Him.

Before I ramble too much…

I have two family members that work in prisons. One family member works in a male prison, and the other in a female prison. I worry about them sometimes because they’re surrounded by people that are capable of just about anything (and I don’t just mean the prisoners).

I actually read chapter 22 in 2 Samuel yesterday, but David’s prayer really stood out to me, and I wanted to memorize it. I found it so powerful! Little by little, I plan to know it very well. This prayer is about having God at your side through battle.

Spiritual or physical, we’re all fighting something. Whether you have family members working in a dangerous profession, someone you love is very sick, or you feel that you’re being tested, pray this prayer.


Dear Heavenly Father,

I want to thank you for being my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer. I thank you for giving me refuge in your feathers. For that, you are worthy of my praise.

Father God,

I’m thankful that I am saved from my enemies–physical and spiritual. Your spirit gives me peace, not fear. Your word gives me courage, and victory. I know that You will be with me in trouble. For this, oh Lord, I say “thank You.”

In Jesus’ name


Daily Bread:

  • 2 Samuel 22: 3-4
  • Psalm 91:4



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